Tourists!STOP :how you are ruining paris.

I’m seriously fed-up with the “love padlocks” and so is the rest of Paris. Now you people are taking it WAY too far.

It was cute for a while when this itanlian-bassed trend started to consume the Pont des Arts, the city even fully embraced the tourist pull of lovers putting locks on the bridge to commemorate their moment together in Paris. But then suddenly it started to take over other bridges in swarms. Now there is an absolute infestation. You the beloved tourists of Paris are putting these locks on EVERYTHING up to a single strand of chain link to the most mundane of garden barriers on the champ de Mars and it is ridiculous.

For one thing: you think that when you put these locks on our bridges they are going to last 10 years? Maybe forever? As some testament to your love? Think more like ten days! The city of Paris passes once a week and trims off large sections of locks so that the structural fencing of the bridge doesn’t fall into the river. Your adorable symbol of the fortitude of your love is headed straight to the trash. Especially if you are one of the 10 idiotic people who placed locks on the Eiffel Tower viewing deck; those got cut away the very same day.

The city has had enough And Paris police are even allowed to give tickets for a minimum of 60 euros to people who are placing the locks on the bridge. Before the bookineurs, the famous bookstore hutches that line the Seine between the 1st and the 6th arrondissements, were the ones selling the locks. Today, having been asked by the city to stop providing the detested metal articles the ones selling them are the gypsies and illegal merchants that I have MANY times said you should never buy anything from.

Tourists of Paris: you are polluting our city with these eyesores and we hate you so for it. For the sake of all that is good STOP putting padlocks on random chain linked barriers and our national monuments.

On a final note I think that a padlock is an AWFUL metaphors for love. Why would something that is also synonym to imprisonment be romantic? And something you would relate your love to? I don’t understand!

UPDATE: June 9th 2014:

Well it didn’t take long: right after posting this blog one of the barriers on the Pont des Arts collapsed from the weight of the “cadenas”!

Check it out










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Running Paris

20140530-173321-63201676.jpg no I didn’t run to New York today. But I did [finally] go to the statute of liberty off of the Pont Bir Hakim (metro passy) on the Allé de Cygnes. The only Time i had ever seen it was as the métro passes between it and the Eiffel Tower.

It was an amazing run 5km to and from my house while looping around the champs de mars some. And I’ll certainly put it into the mix of my paths.


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Play at the Theatre de la Renaissance

This weekend the fella’s parents were in Town and they brought us to a play at the Theatre de la renaissance. It was amazing and I would fully suggest doing this one night when you are in Paris. Two steps from the metro Strasbourg- saint Denis the theater was more than adorable. It was like stepping back into time. Though the theater has obviously lived more glorious moments the theater had all the garnishes of the first empire. the Theatre de la Renaissance is an italian style theater built in 1872 this theater has changed hands over the years most notably having been own by Sara Bernhardt from 1893 to 1899 during a period where she wanted full control over the roles she chose. We had arrived early and went down to the bar and had a bottle of champagne (quelle classe)! The bottle was under 35 euros!!!! A shocking and pleasant surprise to us all. We drank bubbles underneath a low cherubim-adorned dome. Surrounded by mirrors and gold embellishments. Then it was curtain time (on a frappé les trois coups) and the play we saw Thè à la menthe ou t’es Citron? was hysterical! A play within a play; it tells that story of a comically condemned play showing us the final rehearsal and then leading into the opening night. Downside for visitor: this play had a lot of play-on-words, some that I didn’t even catch, so it’d be hard to understand without a rather strong compréhension of the language. But it is so physical and so well written that the comedic effect was literally suffocating as I had moments where I was folded in half with laughter over the fella’s lap.

la-menthe-ou-t-es-citron 1016403 Afterwards we went to eat at a restaurant specializing in dishes from Cantal. It was a wonderful time and I would fully suggest that when you come to Paris you put on your best dress and shinny shoes and get ye to the theater!

A+ EmilieinParis

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Old image

169007_695890183810_4366105_nSo i’m on my way to a job interview and I had to come back to this old advert in the metro from 2011. As they say in french “merde, merde,merde”*


*the french expression for break a leg

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Muguet de mai.

So last night I came home to a Lilly of the Valley (Muguet) on the dinner table that the fella brought home. I do SO love when he brings home flowers (darling, if you are reading this hint-hint!) In France it is a tradition to give Lilly of the Valley as a symbol of luck. This tradition began when Charles the IX was given some from the garden of a knight on the 1st of May when he was a boy as a good luck charm. The young king was so pleased that he continued to give stems of lilly of the Valley to all the women in the court every first of May say “And so it shall be every year.”

This tradition was lost for some time but renewed by a french singer in the late 1800s who had been given a bouquet of Lilly of the Valley before a very prestigious concert. As a last minute decision he switched his Camilla buttoner (which was the style at the time for men) for a stem of the white flowers. His concert was an enormous success and he kept the flower as his trademark.

During the Belle Époque the grand maison des couturiers would offer branches to its customers on the 1st of May and soon this flower would become an iconic emblem for Christian Dior. After this the tradition was totally “à La mode in Paris” and stil is today.

img-thingThere are tons of stands outside of each metro selling the little bell-shapped flowers and it is so sweet to see everyone offering them to friends and the ones they love.

I love this tradition because on my very first night out in Paris, the 30th of April 2010, someone bought me a Muguet de mai in a bar. It was a wonderful welcome to a city that I would learn to love.


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Well F* you too Fitness

So despite having the beginnings of a spring cold I forced myself out for a run today. Setting a pretty good rhythm 1/2 way through my run I hit one of the passages in the champs de Mars when all of a sudden something rebounded off my chin and splattered all over my front. I fond myself with bird crap all in the zipper of my sweat. A group of toursist just looked at me wiping my face and just struggling to not vomit between the general feeling of being sick and the complete disgust of what I had suddenly encountered.  All I could do was shrug “Well that’s what I get for being healthy.”

But I finished running and took a cute picture of two ducks on my way home.



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My balcony Garden 2

So yesterday my day was short (a miracle!) because I managed to get everything done with lightning speed. So I came home and sat in the little seating area on our second balcony that i mentioned in my previous post. It was so nice to just sit in the breeze, catch the last rays of the setting sun, look at the Eiffel Tower, answer my emails and sip a white Russian. Then the fella came home and served me apple slices. What a great end of the day.

A+ EmilieinParisphoto

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