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PPP: Paris Pollution Problems

Well I guess we should consider ourselves lucky the winter 2013-2014 has been relatively nonexistent. I was so obsessed with finding a REAL winter coat while shopping in the states when I was back this christmas and after finding I’ve … Continue reading

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I’m a superhero

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In the metro: a character sketch

Two guys got on the metro with nestle drumsticks in their hands. The moment they sat down they looked at each other and laughed. They continued this way for a while. Every glance at the other erupted in laughter over … Continue reading

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Traveling to London from gare du nord

Here are a few tips and little things to know about the Eurostar trip from Gare du Nord to London. When you get to Gare du Nord “grande lignes” platform, go streight upstairs to the “London Hall” it is here … Continue reading

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Huge scam in Paris

One of the worst things about being a tourist is the fact that people will take advantage of you. Scamming tourists in Paris is some (terrible) people’s way of life. From girls pretending to be deaf mutes and trying to … Continue reading

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Another bus aventure

So after my personal vent, here is something a little lighter: another case in this city where I make a huge, hilarious fool out of myself. Right now in France there is a transport strike. Apparently it is monumental and … Continue reading

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Biking in Paris

One of the best things to do in Paris after eating an amazing meal is to take a bike ride to your apartment from wherever you’ve chosen to eat. Bike rentals here in Paris have morphed into an easy and … Continue reading

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