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The Eiffel Tower this week

So the Eiffel tower has really been at it last week. As I shared in my last post we had Blue-White-Red decorations until Thanksgiving day following the events of Nov 13th and then the tower went green (literally) for the … Continue reading

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Old image

So i’m on my way to a job interview and I had to come back to this old advert in the metro from 2011. As they say in french “merde, merde,merde”* A+Emilieinparis *the french expression for break a leg

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Is cereal different in France?

When I lived in Louisiana if we left the cereal open for a day it would go totally stale. Is that only a southern thing? Or is it like that in the north as well?But living in France it can … Continue reading

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Dressing for Paris

As I’ve previously mentioned I’ve been using yahooanswers to find some inspiration for what to write about on here(after four years of being in Paris I run out of ideas). One of the questions I answered was: How to dress … Continue reading

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Fête D’Emilie

Today is my Fête! No, not my Birthday, that is two months away. In France you have your birthday and the day of your namesake. And the 19th of September is the fête de Sainte Émilie de Rodat who in … Continue reading

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Random Paris you are so random

There have been Peruvians playing flutes and guitars in front of the Eiffel tower for the past few nights; I can hear them from my window and I am constantly going to bed feeling like i’m stuck in a scene … Continue reading

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In the metro: a character sketch

Two guys got on the metro with nestle drumsticks in their hands. The moment they sat down they looked at each other and laughed. They continued this way for a while. Every glance at the other erupted in laughter over … Continue reading

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Amazing panoramic view and pie too!

One of the best parts of getting coffee in Paris is the people watching. The view from you spot at the café can be even more important than the quality (and sometimes the strength) of your drink. So what if … Continue reading

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Oh! Pigeon poop!

I have lived two years in Paris and not once has a pigeon pooped on me. The other day one got me good though. After a long day of waiting tables i was walking home; I tilted my head to … Continue reading

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Huge scam in Paris

One of the worst things about being a tourist is the fact that people will take advantage of you. Scamming tourists in Paris is some (terrible) people’s way of life. From girls pretending to be deaf mutes and trying to … Continue reading

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