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The Fella: Les Poissons

So tonight I was cooking our Sunday dinner as I do every week. On Saturdays we go to our local market and buy fresh fish from the market for our Sunday night… this week was trout. As I was cutting … Continue reading

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Is cereal different in France?

When I lived in Louisiana if we left the cereal open for a day it would go totally stale. Is that only a southern thing? Or is it like that in the north as well?But living in France it can … Continue reading

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  The Macaroon: the cake for queens and kings alike. A beautiful, iconic cookie sought after by many in Paris boutiques such as Ladurée and Maison George Larnicol. A great treat and also a good souvenier and gift as I … Continue reading

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Le Procope

A huge dose of history and great wine to boot! The Procope is a wonderful stop over. The Procope is said to be the oldest restaurant in all of Paris however it was in its beginings just a café.The procope was … Continue reading

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Les Deux Magots

Named because of its original purpose: a tabaco shop in the 1800s the Deux Magots still has two large “eastern” figurines from a cigar advertisment hanging in the café. Magots is what eastern figurines from the era are called. I honestly … Continue reading

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Great Brunch in Paris: Bechu

My Sundays in Paris have always been a sacred time for me: a day for sunny walks, falafel at L’as du Falafel, shopping at Chatlet, the marché de puce in Montreuil, and lots of lounging around with no responsibilities And in … Continue reading

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Eating like the French: how do they stay so thin?

Do you like this entry? Click the “follow” button on the right side of the page and join my mailing list to hear about part 2 coming out in Summer 2013.  The French have the lowest obesity rate in Europe … Continue reading

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