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My balcony garden

So this weekend the fella’ and I joined the masses of Parisians and went to Trufault to buy plants to plant our first  balcony garden. Since it seems like we’ve totally avoided a freeze this year we are ready to take the … Continue reading

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Is cereal different in France?

When I lived in Louisiana if we left the cereal open for a day it would go totally stale. Is that only a southern thing? Or is it like that in the north as well?But living in France it can … Continue reading

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Dressing for Paris

As I’ve previously mentioned I’ve been using yahooanswers to find some inspiration for what to write about on here(after four years of being in Paris I run out of ideas). One of the questions I answered was: How to dress … Continue reading

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PPP: Paris Pollution Problems

Well I guess we should consider ourselves lucky the winter 2013-2014 has been relatively nonexistent. I was so obsessed with finding a REAL winter coat while shopping in the states when I was back this christmas and after finding I’ve … Continue reading

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