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Remembering to miss you.

A small weekend return to my home Paris while in St Tropez. Being here for two days really reminds me how much I love to miss Paris and how really happy I am when i get to return to it. … Continue reading

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One of the simple pleasures of my life right now: Bookmarking my page with a fresh stem of lavender. Ahhh I love being in provence Slight feeling of irony working as an au pair and reading The Help but BOY … Continue reading

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Where I have been writting from

Not too Shabby y’all!

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The suitcase story

I’ve lately started to listen to my mom and so when I told her this story recently she said I should really write it down so here goes: I dont remember the context or why this happened but in my … Continue reading

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St tropez lunch

Eating amazing tomatoes, mozzarella and basil; listening to the crickets conversing in the heat. Life in St Tropez is rough!

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EmilieinParis will for summer purposes be updating from beautiful Saint Tropez France. So very excited!

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Random Paris you are so random

There have been Peruvians playing flutes and guitars in front of the Eiffel tower for the past few nights; I can hear them from my window and I am constantly going to bed feeling like i’m stuck in a scene … Continue reading

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