After three years of living in France

I find myself like I was three years ago, on the eve of the 28th of April, babysitting and writing a blog. Except this time I am in Normandy France and tomorrow I am not getting on a plane to move to an entirely new continent.

Tomorrow marks three years that I have lived in France. Three years! There is so little in my life I’ve done for more than three years.

High school 3 years
University3.5 years
Exboyfriend  3.5years
Been single 3.5 years (not so much anymore)

And there is certainly nothing that I have done with as much vigor as learning my way around this insane city.

This whole adventure is becoming so large that at this point i have a hard time summing it all up, retrospective on how much all of this has changed me, the things I have seen and learned.

I have met some beyond amazing people by some of the best and most unbelievable turns of fate. People who have made me a more fulfilled person just by being themselves and by being in love with this city as well.

I get to play music all the time and find myself more and more encouraged by people around me who  are eager to play almost 24/7.

It is not many people who can say it but I KNOW that right now in my life I am 100% happy. Everything is so wonderful, has been for a while, and just keeps getting better. And even if it all went to hell tomorrow am so lucky to have been able to live in pure sunshine like I have these last few months.

I am absolutely in an amazing place right now and I think I only have things to look forward too.

Cheers to three years!

A+ EmilieinParisImage

Sunny afternoon snack infront of the Eiffel Tower

About Emilie

I'm a small girl with big ambitions and very little common sense it seems. I decided after I graduated from college that I would move from my little city of Lafayette Louisiana to the raging monster city that is Paris. In 4 months of planning I have now uprooted everything I had in an amazing town to live in a truly wild place where I have no idea WHAT I am going to do. But isn't that the fun of it all. So here is cheers to getting lost, breaking hearts, starving, and many wonderful adventures that come along with finding yourself.
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One Response to After three years of living in France

  1. maryann says:

    Love to see you happy, and to read all about it! Made reservations yet?

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