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Now it makes sense!

It took me almost three years to figure this out or just to form it into words but I think this states pretty fairly what I have learned about living in Paris: No great experience in Paris can really take … Continue reading

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Why February sucks in Paris

1) it is the time between Christmas and Sport D’hivĂ©re. Pretty much the entire month of February all anyone ever talks about is what they are doing over the two week holiday the first week of March. So we spend … Continue reading

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On french Barbecue sauce

What I thought standing infront of the Hienz and the French version: Its got to be the same thing, they’ve been obsesed with Heinz Sauce for the past few years, it looks the same the bottle is just smaller: What … Continue reading

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Traveling to London from gare du nord

Here are a few tips and little things to know about the Eurostar trip from Gare du Nord to London. When you get to Gare du Nord “grande lignes” platform, go streight upstairs to the “London Hall” it is here … Continue reading

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