In this slushy january snow i’m thinking about my home.
BUcket list for lafayette visit:
by Emilie Vidrine on Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 1:33pm ·

Old Tyme shrimp poorboy, 2 judice inn burgers, Deano’s cajun executioner pizza and sweet iced tea, La Fonda’s margaritas, Filling station margaritas and burito with all the works, dancing at the blue moon with a cold purple Haze in my hand, crawfish and fried egplant at café des amies dancing with friends, Lake View and then the Farm for a big charivari, chocolate soda at Bordons, Ponce at Ruby’s in Eunice, Burger at Pete’s with everything on it, Buffalo wild wings with all my friends for quiz night, La Poussier for Walter, Diner and one of jerry’s drinks in the man cave, milkshake from mel’s………. hmmm i thinkk i’m hungry now


About Emilie

I'm a small girl with big ambitions and very little common sense it seems. I decided after I graduated from college that I would move from my little city of Lafayette Louisiana to the raging monster city that is Paris. In 4 months of planning I have now uprooted everything I had in an amazing town to live in a truly wild place where I have no idea WHAT I am going to do. But isn't that the fun of it all. So here is cheers to getting lost, breaking hearts, starving, and many wonderful adventures that come along with finding yourself.
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