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Huge scam in Paris

One of the worst things about being a tourist is the fact that people will take advantage of you. Scamming tourists in Paris is some (terrible) people’s way of life. From girls pretending to be deaf mutes and trying to … Continue reading

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Missing girl in Lafayette Louisiana

In my home town there is a girl missing for the past three days. I’m reaching out to all my readers all other the states and begging you to repost this. If you want any information on her disappearance see … Continue reading

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Where to eat in Saint Michel, Paris

Aside from Café Le Petit Pont there is another great place to enjoy not too expensive and rather fulfilling food in Paris’ biggest tourist area. One has to be careful around the rue de la Huchette many places can be … Continue reading

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Late night eats in Paris at their best.

We all know that jet lag can leave you weak, tried and a little out of it and the worst of it all is to find your entire internal clock completely reset. What makes this even more difficult is the … Continue reading

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A place for good coffee in Paris

A while back I wrote about how to order coffee and have recently found a coffee lover’s paradise where you can fully exercise these newfound skills. La Caféothèque near Hotel de Ville (which means City Hall) is an amazing place where you … Continue reading

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