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2 years of living in France

Today I celebrate 2 years of living in France by partying in my home town. I’ll be back in Paris to review it all in a few weeks but for now i’m rockin’ out with the people of Lafayette. A+

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What to do when you get your phone stolen in France

This article does indeed focus on an episode which I got my iPhone stolen but holds useful information dealing with any situation of theft or loss of an object in Paris. I’ve had my iPhone since September of 2011( bought … Continue reading

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The tricky Paris spring

“en avril: ne te dérobe découvre pas d’un file4/6/2012 En mai: fait ce qu’il te plaît” A very handsome French man said to me over coffee yesterday as I remarked that the heaters had once again been allumés and i … Continue reading

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Taboo Conversation with the French

The French are great conversationalists. There are many social rules that lead to this and may be one of the primary reasons that France developed these famous salons that lead the way for some of the world’s most revolutionary ideas. … Continue reading

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