Rant: our vocabulary.

There is one thing I cannot stand is when people say “i hate stupid people” (or in french “je ne support pas la stupidity”) I think it is one of the most ignorant and closed-minded statements of our generation and it needs to stop.
stupid |ˈst(y)oōpid|
adjective ( -pider, -pidest)
lacking intelligence or common sense
• dazed and unable to think clearly

To say “i can’t stand stupidity” or to call someone stupid suggests that they have no intelligence what so ever, that they posses the IQ of cucumber. I find it to be the harshest adjective there is and yet we use it with such ease and execution without examining the full impact of the word.

Having to do something that serves no purpose, enriches nothing, is unproductive, and results in nada; yes that can be stupid.
and Yes sometimes in life something that happens to you happens for stupid reasons, meaning that it seem “par hasard” or without any logical pattern or any reason at all. That is life. But to use the term stupid in reference to a person is unacceptable.

Yes sometimes people can be ignorant, uneducated, misinformed, uncouth, ill-mannered, naive, intolerant, and inconsiderate but by no means are they completely and utterly vacant that it renders them entirely intolerable. People can say things that are unfounded, offensive, unintelligent, disrespectful, hateful, ridiculous, blasphemus, perverse, hurtful, aggressive, and generally dumb socially but by no means are they entirely unacceptable as an example of some intellect no matter how little intelligence they seem to contain.

When you call someone stupid whether it be on general terms or in a specific area, you shut them off for life. From a teacher’s point of view this word is solid arsenic. Every person has the capacity to learn something and to understand something: everything, no but something is not nothing.To say we don’t tolerate stupidity is in fact a completely stupid comment and by no means makes us sound any better but in fact renders the opposite.

Today I heard this comment during our introductions in our class. We were to list three things that we couldn’t stand. This comment was made by a man who claims to be a teacher and on top of that a Catholic priest.

I’m sorry it may be old fashioned of me but I really belive that our priests are supposed to be figureheads of our society and set an exsample. They should promote a general idea of brotherhood and love, and with all political issues and personal beliefs aside (abortion, gays, ect) they should represent an image of tolerance above all. This comment coming from a priest greatly disappointed me. What is has done though is to inspire my first day of school speech to my future students.

With all the words we have in our language can’t we find a more eloquent way of expressing ourselves?


About Emilie

I'm a small girl with big ambitions and very little common sense it seems. I decided after I graduated from college that I would move from my little city of Lafayette Louisiana to the raging monster city that is Paris. In 4 months of planning I have now uprooted everything I had in an amazing town to live in a truly wild place where I have no idea WHAT I am going to do. But isn't that the fun of it all. So here is cheers to getting lost, breaking hearts, starving, and many wonderful adventures that come along with finding yourself.
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2 Responses to Rant: our vocabulary.

  1. Anita says:

    On the other hand, what a strange way to start a class: by inviting people to bellyache. It reminds me of a conversation I overheard at the market in St. Mandé: the butcher’s daughter had failed her English bac exam because she had been incapable of discoursing about *lice* for the essay question. Why ask 18-year-old French students of English to write about a subject like lice, unless you want most of them to fail?

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