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Random..very random

What do you say to a snail you want to speed up? Escar GO I asked a British person a funny yet innocent question when I was in London: “what time is tea time”? French women all speak with this … Continue reading

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Parisien Birthday parties and bubbly

I am one of the few people that I know of that would drink champagne day and night if they could. I LOVE it and for me a night alone with my knitting is as special an occassion as any … Continue reading

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So behind

WHOA! So behind on the blogging thing. I guess I’ve been sort-of lost in trying to process some things out here. I keep saying it but i’m really learning a lot here. I think this might be the best decision … Continue reading

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Funny English talk

Never before in my life have I really considered “American” to be a language outside of “english” but here in Europe they distinguish between the two. At first I felt it was a little insulting, it was almost as if … Continue reading

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le mercure est a….

It is too hot in Paris and I am fleeing to the country for a GIANT sheep roast. Two sheep on spigots, one with garlic one without. As long as there is bread that is all I needed to know … Continue reading

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Ordering a coffee in French

So this is a blog I’ve been thinking about for a while: Coffee. Anyone who knows me knows of my love affair with this liquid gold. When I gave it up for lent and then got back on it after … Continue reading

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