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The BEST view of Paris.

So if you’ve been reading this you know that my opinion of the Efile tower is not one of complete bewilderment and awe. My experience there can easily be summed up with a shrug of the shoulders and a declaration … Continue reading

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Funny little Quirk about french culture: Cards are not a popular thing here. Like Birthday cards or sending a letter in a card. What is concidered a card is a little cardboard sqare in an evelope that will cost you … Continue reading

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A different kind of sick

I never got carsick until I moved to France. Everytime i get into a car here I get car sick which has NEVER happened to me before. I am infact the one that can read a book while driving through … Continue reading

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Strang things running through my head today

organizing my music on my computer takes up more time than alphabetizing my Cds ever did biscotte(melbataost): doesn’t go stale because it is already stale bread.take that crackers! Cheese: I have a hard time distinguishing what is packaging and what … Continue reading

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The sidewalks are not even all that safe.

Today I realized the extent of the fact that Paris is not a pedestrian friendly city. While walking to school this morning and only a few blocks from home I almost got flattened by a motorcycle. I was not near … Continue reading

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So I went to England for my weekend to stay with a good friend who lives in West Kensington. Another stamp on my passport. I was excited because I had never been outside of France before so England is the … Continue reading

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Little of interest

My semester is moving along and I am learning a lot. My first class is finished next week I think and I’ve made some BIG improvements in my French. Big enough to move onto the advanced classes? We shall see. … Continue reading

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Lezz go lunch

Lunch is extremely important to the French. You don’t call anywhere at 11:50 in the afternoon and everywhere but restos shut don completely until 2 to observe this sacred 2 hour ritual. So i have learned the best way to … Continue reading

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Sometimes window shopping isn’t enough.

Location: Le Bonbon au Palais confiseries rĂ©gionales de luxe 19 Rue Monge 5eme Paris France On our way back from the guided tour Maggie and I took a stroll through the Latin Quarter down the Rue Monge where in a … Continue reading

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Amazing find in Paris

Today I spent the afternoon with my friend Maggie from England. I have an amazing friend in her. But she introduced me to an AMAZING resource in Paris and that is the Free guided tours of Paris. Discovery walks is … Continue reading

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