Eating in France

Eating in France is a big deal especially in Paris where the average apartment does not have an oven fair enough to cook a cake in.
So the French eat out and boy is it an experience.
First of all the majority of menus do not have a price on them that is either present or legible. Secondly it is common to find that your menu prices are just considered for a “Menu Communal.” This includes an Appetizer, an Entrée , a desert, and a drink all for one cost. It is expected of you to order (and finish) the entire meal. which is not an easy task really. Think about how often you take home 1/2 of that burger and most of the fries. No my friend….no doggie bag! There is however a la carte takeout where this common menu does not apply. So the moral of this all is, when you go out be hungry because they will feed you. Make it your one meal for the day because it will sustain you for some time.

On a personal note I seriously don’t want to eat any more Lebanese food. It is all there is in this neighborhood and as far as I can tell none of it looks or tastes like Cedar Grocery.


About Emilie

I'm a small girl with big ambitions and very little common sense it seems. I decided after I graduated from college that I would move from my little city of Lafayette Louisiana to the raging monster city that is Paris. In 4 months of planning I have now uprooted everything I had in an amazing town to live in a truly wild place where I have no idea WHAT I am going to do. But isn't that the fun of it all. So here is cheers to getting lost, breaking hearts, starving, and many wonderful adventures that come along with finding yourself.
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